Noth-Yidik, Great Old One

“Fool! Spawn of Noth-Yidik and effluvium of K’thun! Son of the dogs that howl in the maelstrom of Azathoth! You would have been sacred and immortal, and now you are betraying It and Its priest!“ — H.P. Lovecraft & Hazel Heald, „The Horror In the Museum.“

Noth-Yidik, the Lord of the Higher Dimensions (also called „Devourer of Space“), is often pictured as a blind, two-headed snake, forming an ouroboros or a lemniscate, its heads devouring one another. Most certainly this is only a metaphor: Most of the rare scholars keeping knowledge of it tend to reject the idea of any physical form or appearence. He – and strangely enough, there is no discussion about his sex – has been described as „a spawn of too high a dimension to understand“.

The Great Old One exists somewhere and nowhere in space, maybe near the chaotic centre of the universe which is Azathoth, but in a different than the third dimension.

CULT: A small cult is said to exist among the Lords of Tindalos that worship him as their father and creator. Some scholars have tried to make a pact with Noth-Yidik to gain ultimate power over all dimensions, including time, but none seem to have succeeded. In fact, most of them simply disappeared or died due to attacks by Hounds and Tindalosian Hybrids.

ATTACKS & SPECIAL EFFECTS: Noth-Yidik cannot become manifest anywhere outside a total vacuum with a temperature below -270°C. Anyway, he can manipulate space literally anywhere he wishes to. If in any way endangered by a physical being, he can throw that opponent through space to any other place in the universe. In closed rooms or under earth, he has a 60% chance to succeed (against a stationary target, half against a moving one), in an open area this may increase to 100% even against moving targets. In space he might succeed automatically. He can make an attempt every other turn, and after each attempt there is a cumulative chance of 10% that he disappears into another dimension for at least 1D20 days to concentrate on matters not known to mankind.

When Noth-Yidik becomes manifest, he has nearly indefinite physical powers, but he can keep this form only for a few seconds (1D6 rounds), then disappears into other realms.

NOTH-YIDIK, the Lord of the Higher Dimensions

INT 55
POW 30
Move special
HP 35
Damage Bonus: –

Weapon: see „Attacks & special effects“

Armor: None, but he is immune to mundane weapons. Of course, to be attacked by magic weapons, he has to become manifest – and the attacker has to be in wide, empty space, millions of lightyears away from any place a human can survive for more than an instant. When damaged by magic, he simply jumps to another dimension and regenerates.

Spells: Noth-Yidik knows any number of spells at the keeper’s discretion and possibly teaches them to any human servants and his children in Tindalos. Especially all spells linked to Azathoth or the Tindalosians and Contact Noth-Yidik are in his repertoire. He may use any of the Tindalosian Time-Space Effects and might not be limited to use sharp angles.

Sanity Loss: 1/1D10 to feel his presence, 1D10/1D100 to see his Avatar become manifest in space

(Written for a contest on YSDC.)


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