K’THUN, Great Old One

„Aye, I speak of the very Hounds Of Tindalos themselves, those Hunters From Beyond that be the Spawn of Noth-Yidik and the effluvium of K’thun, and that howl forever in the maelstrom that is dread and fearsome Azathoth; aye, They be none other than the very minions and servitors of the Daemon-Sultan, under Their ghastly sire and dam, Noth-Yidik and terrible K’thun.“ — Lin Carter, „The Madness Out Of Time.“

The Everbearing Lady
is said to reside as a giant tree in an Indonesean forest, but this might only be one of her earthly incarnations. Ancient pictures of Asian tribes show her as a pale grey tree, with tentacles instead of branches and roots, and several jaws at the treetop.

With aoens, she seems to have spawn countless creatures, from lost sea people to dragon-like dinosaurs. In another incarnation, she is said to have taken part in the creation of the Hounds of Tindalos by absorbing parts of Noth-Yidik and breeding them into a physical form.

She is always searching for living matter unknown to her. When she devoured it, she lays down to rest, sometimes for centuries, and designs and bears a new race. Most of her designs didn’t prove to be fit for survival in the long run, except for beings beget with another Great Old One. But even if a creation of hers only lasts for a few hundred thousand years …

CULT: Her beings rarely seem to be intelligent enough to worship her, but she has found some willing donors of living flesh among human (and prehuman) chimerologists.

THE BREEDING: The Everbearing Lady can impregnate herself by absorbing living or supernatural matter and combining it with her own fertile flesh. She then draws back deep into the earth and begins breeding. For smaller „projects“ (SIZE 16 and less) she only needs the nutrition by the soil around her; bigger brood requires regular supply of fresh blood. The gestation time for a new life is similar to the one of the being devoured, if any, otherwise it is the SIZE of the new creation times 1D10 in years. Her offspring isn’t necessarily anything like the parental material, but it always comes in twins and with a healthy instinct for the survival of its species.

K`thun can also be summoned for this purpose. This requires the Contact K`thun spell, which might be found in various old tomes of chimerologists, a sample of the parental material of SIZE 1 or more and at least one human sacrifice per point of SIZE the „product“ will have. K`thun can become manifest in any tree of appropriate size on earth.

ATTACKS & SPECIAL EFFECTS: She will, like any good mother, protect her offspring. To do so or to acquire new samples of life, she first attacks with her tentacles, then needs 1D3 rounds to move the prey to her treetop, bite and digest it. This means certain death to almost all beings, including most of her own creations. The victim may try to escape by rolling his STR against a STR of 22 per tentacle or destroy it (10 HP, 2 points of armor), but after 1 round he is at least 8 meters above the ground.

K’THUN, Mother of Races
STR 80
DEX 25
CON 80
Move 1
SIZ 80
INT 15
HP 150+
POW 25
Damage Bonus: +4D6.


Tentacle 15%, Grapples first to hold immobile for taking a sample or bite. Attacks with 2D20 tentacles per round (reroll at the beginning of each turn), then .
Bite 80%, 6D6+db (only when victim is grappled; only one target per round)

Armor: 9 points of thick, grey bark. If defeated, she will retreat into the ground and regenerate completely in 1D10 days.

Spells: Contact K’thun, any number of Summon/Bind spells at the keeper’s discretion, also any number of spells concerning nature and living beings.

Sanity Loss: 1/1D6 to see her inert as a tree; 1D6/1D10 to see her active; 1D6/1D20 to see her give birth

(Written for a contest on YSDC.)

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