Achtung Cthulhu! bei Kickstarter

Spielleiter- und Spielerhandbuch zu Achtung! Cthulhu werden gecrowdfunded:

The Keeper’s Guide is a full blown tome of dark knowledge that will detail Allied & Nazi special forces & intelligence agencies, mythical organisations, mystical missions and tomes, wonder weapon development, important equipment, campaign and plot ideas, key characters, vile creatures, and new rules for World War Two combat – in fact, a whole shoggoth’s worth of Cthulhu villainy, enough for any Keeper to have his investigators dead, insane, or running for their lives in no time! The Keeper’s Guide to the Secret War will be the essential wartime reference for any Keeper or fan of the Cthulhu Mythos. Watch our updates for more features!

The Investigator’s Guide is the definitive guide to the late 1930s and ’40s for use by players and Keepers alike. Inside you’ll find a whole kit bag stuffed with cool new occupations, skills, equipment, and backgrounds from all over Europe and the British Commonwealth. Find out how you can keep the homefires burning, and become part of the Allied war effort, or risk everything by joining either the partisans or the German forces fighting to heroically bring down the Reich from within! Watch our updates for more features!

Through the Guides, you’ll discover what life was like serving with the different military forces and on the Homefront, and to help you create both player characters and NPCs, you will find an array of both historically correct and fictional material – alternatively, you can run through the background generator to find out what dark secrets your past contains.

Für 30 Pfund gibt es die beiden Werke als PDF, gedruckt kosten sie 62 Pfund plus 10 Pfund für Versand innerhalb der EU. (Kickstarter)


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