Stina Leicht über ihre Storytelling-Ausbildung durch Rollenspiel

Unter dem grandiosen Titel „The Importance of Being Geek“ schreibt Stina Leicht, die gerade Charles Stross‘ Blog pflegt, über die Bedeutung ihres geekigen Hobbys Rollenspiel für ihr Schreiben, ihr Leben und ihre Person.


Regarding writing, RPGs taught me a great deal about story pacing, characters, and dialog. When you have immediate feedback from players, it’s easy to see when you’re boring them. They start chatting with one another. They text their friends. You can see by their expressions whether or not you’ve got their attention. I think it’s a good thing for all writers to experience. […]

[W]hen I started playing D&D there weren’t many women who played RPGs, let alone DM’d. I had to be twice as tough on my players as male DMs were in order to get respect from male players.


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