Fate Core: Mit einem Dollar bist du dabei!

Schon für einen Euro ist man bei Fate Core dabei. Dabeisein heißt: Man hat Zugriff auf die Vorabversion des Regelwerks, das durch den Kickstarter gefunded wird. Und zwar schon während der Entstehung – das Projekt läuft noch bis Ende Januar, 304 Seiten Regelwerk gibt es schon jetzt. Mit folgenden Einschränkungen, die man erst los wird, indem man 10.- pledged und bis zum Februar wartet:

What the draft doesn’t have that the final version will:

  • Art. That’s part of the point of the first phase of this kickstarter campaign — generate enough financial interest to fill out our art budget.
  • „Reliable“ page numbers. We’ve left gaps where the art will go, but that doesn’t mean that every gap will be filled by art. The page numbers in the final book could and likely will change, so don’t go basing any long-term page-referencing efforts on them just yet.
  • An index. We want the final to have an index. We may enlist you at a later stage to help us decide what goes in it, or we may just take care of that ourself. Regardless, it isn’t there yet.
  • An open license. Evil Hat fully owns the content that’s in the book — it’s all been written from the ground up. During the „beta“ period that this kickstarter and pre-publication timeline represents, we’re exercising our copyright to keep the content closed. But that’s only a short term situation! Once the books are printed and shipping, and the truly-final PDF is released on a „pay what you like“ scheme for the public, we’ll be attaching the text content to the Open Gaming License, allowing third party publishers and others to create games based on and using the content from Fate Core. But while the thing’s still in development, still working its way towards final form, it doesn’t serve anyone well to make the content open — it’s not done yet.

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