Heute kostenlos: Cthulhu Christmas Calendar für iOS

Per Pressemitteilung (s.u.) von Red Wasp Design bin ich darauf gestoßen, dass es – zumindest für Apfeljünger – heute kostenlos die nette App Cthulhu Christmas Calendar gibt. Ich fand die Fragen lustig, aber zu leicht – ich hatte nur 24/25 Punkten, weil ich mich nach einem rauschenden Heiligabend verklickte … Allerdings habe ich das Gefühl, dass die App dieselben Fragen enthält wie letztes Jahr.

Wer will nicht einmal mit diesem kleinen knuffigen Monster Plätzchen backen?
Wer will nicht einmal mit diesem kleinen knuffigen Monster Plätzchen backen?

Cthulhu’s Christmas Calendar Goes Free for a Day Fans of the meme-monster Cthulhu and other creations of cult horror novelist H.P. Lovecraft can get a little extra help in counting down to Christmas, thanks to a new mobile advent calendar app. Titled ‚Cthulhu Christmas Calendar‚, it features 25 original pieces of artwork – one for each day in December until Christmas Day. Each image presents a fun mashup of festive icons like Santa into the Cyclopean world of the great Cthulhu, the malevolent Mi-Go and the dark god Nyarlathotep. Normally priced at$0.99/£0.69/€0.79, the app will be free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on the 1stDecember only, to celebrate our collective descent into Yuletide madness. The creators of the Cthulhu Christmas Calendar, Red Wasp Design, are also the developers of the hit iOS title Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, an indie turn-based strategy RPG also inspired by the classic horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. The game was developed in co-operation with Chaosium, the publishers of much loved paper role playing game, Call of Cthulhu. The game features nine 3D levels set in the trenches ofWorld War One. In ‚The Wasted Land‘ the player uses their team of investigators to uncover a deadly conspiracy underlying the Great War. Barbed wire, mustard gas and machines guns will prove to be the least deadly encounter that the investigators will meet as they venture out onto the battlefield to try and solve the mystery of the Wasted Land. There is more information on the Cthulhu Christmas Calendar page and you can chat about it with fellow cultists on its own Facebook page.


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