E.A. Poes 113. Todestag

Wer ncoh etwas Inspiration für eine abendliche Runde CoC braucht, findet einen kurzen Artikel incl. Video-Lesson zu Poe bei Yovisto.

Darin geht es u.a. auch um Poes Tod, der bekanntlich einige mysteriöse Umstände hatte:

On October 3, 1849, Poe was found on the streets of Baltimore delirious, „in great distress, and… in need of immediate assistance“, according to the man who found him, Joseph W. Walker. He was taken to the Washington College Hospital, where he died on Sunday, October 7, 1849, at 5:00 in the morning.

Poe was never coherent long enough to explain how he came to be in his dire condition, and, oddly, was wearing clothes that were not his own. Poe is said to have repeatedly called out the name „Reynolds“ on the night before his death, though it is unclear to whom he was referring. Some sources say Poe’s final words were „Lord help my poor soul.“

All medical records, including his death certificate, have been lost. Newspapers at the time reported Poe’s death as „congestion of the brain“ or „cerebral inflammation“, common euphemisms for deaths from disreputable causes such as alcoholism. The actual cause of death remains a mystery. Speculation has included delirium tremens, heart disease, epilepsy, syphilis, meningeal inflammation, cholera and rabies. One theory, dating from 1872, indicates that cooping – in which unwilling citizens who were forced to vote for a particular candidate were occasionally killed – was the cause of Poe’s death.

Was adaptiert man da am besten für’s Rollenspiel? Einen Plot, der die Charaktere einen sterbenden Mann finden und seinen Tod klären müssen? Die Hintergrundgeschichte eines „tabula rasa“-Charakters (der dann natürlich überlebt)?


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