Kickstarter: Universelles Horror-Szenario „An Unwelcome Guest“

Bildrechte: Michael Humphreys

Per Kickstarter wird uns ein neues, in verschiedenen Systemen spielbares Horror-Szenario angeboten:

An Unwelcome Guest in Kildare Cove is the first installment of a multi-part series of planned adventures called The Dark History of Broke Moon Island. An Unwelcome Guest takes place in the 1930s when the 200 year old island town of Kildare Cove, Maine is overcome by mysterious and terrible events. The Players must succeed in preventing a final and catastrophic incident – with potentially horrific consequences for humanity. Success or no, the adventure continues in the second installment. However, like An Unwelcome Guest, each forthcoming adventure in The Dark History of Broke Moon Island is stand-alone. So if you have no further interest in preventing a Dark God’s unfathomable and insidious machinations to dominate or destroy Earth, you do not have to.

Ein nettes Feature: Spielleiter, die sich dem Typ „Zeremonienmeister“ o.ä. zugehörig fühlen, finden Hinweise und Links auf atmosphärisch passende Musik im Abenteuer.

I believe mood and emotion are particularly important in horror and mystery role-playing. And sound is a superb method of introducing and maintaining these. Therefore, I have inserted [music symbols] at numerous locations throughout An Unwelcome Guest. These will be followed by a number. This number corresponds to an audio mp3 file at that I have collected (and will be). These sounds are all attributed or free from license.

(via Hebanon)


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