The Gamers wird crowdgefundet fortgesetzt!

The Gamers ist sicherlich den meisten Lesern bekannt. (Ansonsten: hier.) Und auf Kickstarter geht es nun weiter:

What is The Gamers: Hands of Fate?

A feature film set several years after the events of Dorkness Rising, this film follows Lodge, Joanna, Cass, Gary, and Leo to Gen Con Indy, The Best Four Days in Gaming, to spend four days gaming. It’s an ambitious project that we couldn’t have made until now!

In fact, we’re shooting much of the film at Gen Con Indy in August of 2012 – while this Kickstarter campaign is running – in order to capture crucial footage we can only get at the convention itself.

Following the conclusion of the campaign, we will move into preproduction for the rest of the shoot in October and November of 2012, then spend many months in post-production for an online release and premiere at Gen Con Indy in August 2013.

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